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Tel: +86-0523-80770917 Email: kevin@desauoparts.com

Company Introduction

QQ圖片20170922142336.jpgWelcome to the website of our company. It gives us a great honor to provide comfortable service to you, our distinguished customers.  

Our company locates at Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. Our main product is All Aluminium Radiator, . Besides, we also can produce All Aluminium Intercooler, All Aluminium Oil Cooler, High Frequency Welded Pipe  and All Aluminium overflow tank according to the needs of customers.

Our reliable product and management system can prove that we are professional. Our radiators are popular among buyers and have been exported to American and European countries. In the past several years, the average annual sales volume of radiators has achieved 20000. In addition, after passing ISO/TS16949 certification, our management system has turned out to be qualified enough to run a automobile parts company.

In addition, we are young. The main leaders are almost young men. As the young, we can fully understand your urgent desire for the reliable automobile parts that will be applied to your cars. Besides, until now, the endless enthusiasm in our heart has been impelling us to provide agreeable after-sale service in a great impatience. 

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